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Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting Back On Track...

I look back at the last post and think 'gosh, how simple this could be if people got their acts together and their priorities right'. But that is ok, it's how we deal with these things that matter.

So after a lot of mulling over and thinking about it all, the lead singer (who is the leader of the band) and I have decided that we will keep the drummer on at this stage, and are currently looking at a couple of bassists. Hopefully by the end of the week, or early next week, I will know if we have found one. There's a couple of guys interested so it's just a matter of seeing how they go and making sure we get the right "fit".

As for the drummer, the singer will be having a chat to him as he needs to practice, and it drives me up the wall to see someone involved in this with no drive. He claims he really does want this - but no practice says something else. So at this stage, we will keep him on - get the name out there on the local scene, and if he continues the way he is, it will be alot easier to replace him when the band is well known.

This may sound callous, but at the end of the day - right now, all that's important is that the band is out playing asap. Once that is happening, once they build up a fanbase, get known in the area as well as round New Zealand.... then I know it won't be hard to find someone that is willing to put in the hard yards and get along with everybody else.

So... in summary, we'll check out these bass players later in the week, get the band out to play live asap, and build their following! Their self titled debut album is due out early this year, so that will be awesome to get it out there!

I have joined the MMF (Music Manager's Forum) here in New Zealand. Upon registration, you are entitled to a one on one meeting with an industry professional - so that should be a great help in seeking direction with whereto from here!