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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Gripe With MySpace Musicians!

Ok, I'm going to interrupt my usual blog entries with a gripe that has really been bugging me! And it's happened again today!!

As you know from my previous blogs, I have the band I manage involved in several of the popular social networking sites. MySpace is one of the most 'musician-friendly' ones, and it certainly serves it's purpose. But one thing is really getting on my nerves!

We get a tonne of friend requests from bands, and that is all good - on EVERY friend request the guys get, I go and comment on that persons page, just to say thanks, good to meet you, whatever. The general public always respond... but bands don't!

I don't get it, I think it's really rude! Ok, I know that when you 'add a friend' on MySpace (especially from a band), they are not REALLY friends - it's just basically a networking tactic, and I'm all good with that. But how hard is it to comment back and show a little interest? Who knows, you could network with some great bands and you never know what opportunities could arise from that...!

Instead, it's like they add you simply to add another number to their friend count and make themselves look popular.. is there much point to that if you never communicate in any other way?!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "You are in this world to create history either for yourself or for this world. The choice lies with you"


breakfree74 said...

I'm with you on this one, it doesn't take a minute to say thanks. I have both a band site and a personal one, on my personal one i restrict it to my main influences, family and REAL friends, with the odd associate thrown in for good measure.

It's all very well these people have 4million "friends", but thats gonna be 4 million people who are going to realise they are jerks LOL.

In addition to what you've stated, i get annoyed with the "cool stuff" comments, i mean thats not really constructive criticism and doesnt exactly give me any assurances that they have actually bothered to listen to the music or read the info. Its particularly pleasing however when someone actually mentions a song by title, then you know they have paid attention.

One thing i don't allow too much of is the banners that people send on, it clogs up bandwidth and makes your page too slow to load, and who really wants to go to a page thats going to lock up your browser?

As i say the personal page is kept to a minimum as far as contacts are concerned, so that i can genuinely catch up with people without having to sift through the half naked hoochies or the posers.

Don't take any of my comments as me being negative, because its all good to be able to have a web presence, and when its free we shouldnt really complain TOOOO much :-)

cheers and keep on rockin' !

Rokchic said...

Yes I totally agree that we can't complain tooo much! haha However, I like your 2nd paragraph about having 4 million "friends". One thing that would be interesting to note - is how many of those bands that HAVE a heap of 'friends' have sold a CD to each one?

And to disable those comments that are just huge banners (which you are right- it's a pain in the butt), just make it so the comments can't include HTML - voila, no more banners! lol

Thanks for your comment!

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