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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Brand New Start Perhaps?

Ok so what happens when you have the product (i.e the songs/album), but no band to play them? It's such a frustrating situation right now and to be honest I'm not entirely sure what to do here. I manage a band and have one hell of a lead singer/guitarist who is committed. I see that he lives it and breathes it. He practices every day. The commitment is awesome.

However, we have a drummer that insists he's committed to this yet doesn't practice. In fact, just yesterday him and the lead singer had a practice - which lasted all of 20 mins because the drummer didn't know half of the songs and they then had a disagreement about the way the song is to sound (singer wrote the song and wants a wimpy crash cymbol in the background - the drummer is saying that he can't do that, and it's the sound man's job to make it quieter. The singer has shown him how he wants it done... but the drummer refuses, saying it's not his "style").

On top of all that, the bass player lives 7 hours away from the rest of the band! I had the opportunity for them to play a few gigs early in January (10th and 17th) but the bass player can't get down here. In saying that - I don't expect him to drive 7 hours, play a set or two, then drive back home... then do that again the following weekend. So... the only solution we could come to is that our bass player needs to be local (or the current one to relocate - at least for the first 6 mths until we established the band name locally). When that suggestion was made to him, sounds like he wants to do it, but needs "proof" that this is going to work!

I can't prove or make guarantees that this is going to work out. I can do my damndest though to make it happen. What I need is for the band members to create a united front, believe in this, believe in themselves and do their damndest as well. They need that commitment.

But at this stage - I just don't see it. When I first started this blog I said to you that if you are going to get anywhere in life - you need to leave the 'nay-sayers' behind. With a drummer that won't practice - and when he does, he doesn't listen and a bassist that want's 'proof' this is going to work.... well... I am now sitting back and thinking - maybe the worst part is that the nay-sayers are in this band!!!

Is it time for a new drummer? A new bassist? Is that what we need to do? We don't want just any bass player or drummer.... they need to be on the same page as us. They need to see what we see. They need to have the wicked skills - but not only that - they need the emotional strength to do this ... and that is probably just as important as having the skills. Emotional strength is what will help keep the band together - support each other etc. There's always going to be tough times when starting out..... is a whole new lineup what we need??


Danny Brown said...

That's the problem with creativity, Deb - you need full passion to make it work, or else you're just idling time without really doing anything.

Particularly in the entertainment industry, where there are countless thousands of wannabe whatevers, the passion is the key single thing that will separate you from the rest.

I don't know the guys or the relationship between them all, but my gut instinct says a new start is in order. Even if it's just session players to get some live gigs under your belts, you won't get anywhere if people don't know your name.

Good luck with how it goes, I'll be watching on with interest.

Rokchic said...

Ah you are exactly right Danny. Just so you know, the lead singer/guitarist and the drummer are brothers. But I have to wonder if loyalty's are the problem here. Like I have said to the singer, I feel that sometimes, if people don't have that drive... that commitment... then, regardless of who they are, we need to let them go.

Either that, or they take you down with them.

Thanks for your good wishes, I appreciate your thoughts and you keeping in touch and reading :)