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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally.... Progress Is Made: Run With It!

Well well well, progress is finally being made. I know, it's been a while and I really do need to concentrate on writing in here a lot more often! Definitely working on that one :)

Ok, we have a new bass player!! **woot!!** He's really awesome, fantastic personality, great contacts and an all round good guy - the best part - he loves the music!!! That is just everything we needed rolled into one! Perfect! So the band have all been practicing... and it's sounding fantastic! I think when they play live will be awesome to watch.

So, the new bass player has some great contacts - as he works in one of the major music stores here in NZ. He has access to some great gear and he is BIG on production of shows!! That to us is a massive bonus (his thoughts on production, I mean), because that tells me that he takes this seriously. You see, it's all about putting on a show. Not just getting up and playing - but really putting on a show, creating an atmosphere.... that is what hooks people in. And it just so happens that our bass player has access to all that big production stuff - catwalk, PA (if needed), LED lighting, fog machine etc.... !

So.. not only have we got the band together and working and sounding great, but we also have a gig coming up - it's about 7 weeks away, but it's a start. I'm working on getting a lot more before then as well as after... but now that we have the band sorted, I feel like I can start doing MY job as manager. Bout time huh! lol

Also, I have that one-on-one with a music industry pro on Tuesday - am really looking forward to that, and just working on the list of questions and things I want to discuss. I have had a read about the person I am meeting with - a very accomplished lady who has managed some of the biggest bands in NZ! Awesome! What better than learning from the best! Will let you know how I go....


Michelle Jamieson said...

Thanks for some good advice you gave on a blogger website and you linked me here. My son is a musician (in the US) and I've set up a blog for him, so I just wanted to see your 'navigation' page or buttons below your header... but I'm intrigued by your blog now! Also followed you on Twitter... happy blogging :)