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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Any Publicity Is Good Publicity... Right?

Well... yes... I happen to agree with that one. There are some great ways to go about it - and although there have been some very interesting attempts, here's one I thought I might pass on - the title alone made me laugh: "How To Get Publicity For Your Forgotten Band - Sue Stupid Pop Star", check the article out at Music Snobbery here.

So you can give publicity a go via the alternative route (as above), or go the professional route (as I will explain below). I must admit though, I am tempted to take that route above! haha

Anyways, I received the advice a while back to get in touch with a good PR person as soon as the album was done. At that stage, after investing a lot in buying our own studio and then recording the band, the funds simply weren't available to look into the PR side of things thoroughly.

Having put that off for nearly a year, I have decided that now is the time to look into that seriously. I was recently contacted by a Canadian PR company who love the album and that have the contacts and experience to get my artist some well-deserved exposure. I am considering it - but it might just be smart to wait until after the showcase next week.

But put it this way, PR is one of the most important (if not THE most important) aspect in music. You may have one great album, but it's no good if no-one knows about you! Getting an excellent PR person (that has the brains and the reputation) behind you could make all the difference!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "Go for it now. The future is promised to no one"


Press Release PR said...

Great post Deb, and definitely worthwhile advice. All too often the PR side is overlooked, and managers hire a jobsworth writer to get any news out to the public.

But where's the sense in that? Would you hire a trainee nurse to carry out life-saving brain surgery on you? Most definitely not, so why (potentially) jeopardize your client or band?

Good luck with the band!

Rokchic said...

Haha too true! Thanks for your thoughts, glad you enjoyed it.