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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Devil Rears It's Ugly Head... (Part 2)

..[.. cont from part 1..] Hotmail eventually gave me access to the account and after looking into what this guy had been doing - it turned out that it was the SAME person that had emailed us from his REAL address stating that the music "rocked"! Not only that, it also turned out that it definitely WAS the person that reviewed the album!! And now I had the indisputable evidence!

I thought it was about time to contact the editor of the main local paper that had offered to have our album reviewed. I figured he needed to know what his "reviewers" were up to. After emails back and forth, I sent through the proof I had from the Hotmail account and the editor was furious to see the truth! He assured me that this guy would no longer be reviewing for him as he was not interested with anyone that carried on in such a childish vindictive manner. I was happy enough with that.

The next day I heard back from the editor, only to hear that he had contacted the reviewer who was "most upset with what had transpired" and that his email account had been "hacked" and that person had contributed to the hate campaign that had started through the forum we originally tried to participate in!

I knew right when I heard that, it wasn't true. It didn't ring true and it was just a convenient excuse. As if to prove my theory correct - I received an email from the reviewer that same day stating he wasn't "sorry" for anything and that he will be keeping a very close eye on this bands career and doing whatever he can to bring them down.

I didn't bother with a reply and yes I thought about forwarding it on to the editor, but in the end I didn't bother. I knew by then that the editor was one of the people involved in that forum and therefore didn’t trust him. We had to disassociate ourselves from anything like that, move on and focus on our goals.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "Life gives you only what you accept"