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Friday, June 6, 2008

Being On The Same Page

It's a hard industry already without managing a band that just aren't 'on the same page'. I have been trying to organise a photo session with a local photographer that is willing to offer her services for free as she loves the band and is happy to help us out. We desperately need some promo photo's of the guys as a trio.

The only problem is, that I have the lead singer who is always ready and motivated to get things done but the other two band members just aren't the same. I have been trying to organise the photo shoot - but the bassist hasn't returned texts, calls or emails regarding when he will come over for it (he lives about an hour away). After a week of trying to organise a time - he sent a text saying that he doesn't know when he can get over (no, he doesn't work fulltime). So I am left, having to contact this photographer and tell her that, at this stage, I can't sort out a time or date - but will as soon as I can. I hate mucking people around - but it's also the fact that I find it hard to promote a band with no really good promo shots!

So, that really annoys me at the moment. I just feel that we are not all on the same page. The lead singer and I are moving to another city - it's an hour away from where we are now, but how are they going to practice on a regular basis? Or if we end up organising gigs on a regular basis - how will that work? Now you're probably thinking "it's only an hour away, what's the problem". Ok, the problem is that our drummer (lead singer's brother) doesn't have the money to drive to that city on a regular basis. He works fulltime and could easily transfer to that city - but he won't. He has no ties or commitments where he currently lives... and there is no reason he couldn't move. The move we are making will only benefit the band as it's the biggest city in New Zealand... but I'm starting to think there's a lack of commitment from the drummer and bassist. Let's face it - to get anywhere in this industry take solid hard work, time and commitment. If you don't put in all those three ingredients, then you're wasting your time.

I'm starting to wonder if starting afresh in a new city isn't the only thing that should start afresh. How about a new band too?!