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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Not Every Day Is A Good Day

The past few days have been very hard. I have been trying to keep focussed and get a marketing plan sorted out. But to be honest, I have found it all very draining. I believe in this with a passion - I know I have one of the hottest bands in New Zealand under me, but my lack of experience in marketing is really starting to show and it's taking it's toll on me - emotionally.

I have been thinking about this next post. I thought about writing one on "how to grow your local fan base", but then I remembered what this blog is all about - and that is: keeping it real. Why write about how to grow a local fan base when I haven't accomplished it yet?! Why search the internet and gather all the information I can find, come up with my own idea's and tell you all about it when I haven't tried it out myself? That's not keeping it real.

So please bear with me in this post as I'm not going through an easy time. I find it very frustrating and I'm just not sure what to do about it or where to go. The hardest part I'm finding is that I bare this all on my own shoulders. It's my sole responsibility and I guess it's wearing me down. I think if I had a person at my side working on it all with me - that could motivate me when I needed it (like now) or inspire me and vice versa then it'd be much easier to keep my head above water.

But sadly at this time, with all the crap we are enduring here locally (yes it still goes on - I heard the band's song that did really well on YouTube was played by one of the local bands at their gig and posted onto YouTube - making full mockery of the band I manage), not only all that, but all the problems with having to pay to play (will explain this in my next post) at venues and needing to organise other bands to play with... well, I'm starting to lose motivation.

But.... I will get through this.... somehow. I will brainstorm over the next 12 hours and let you know what I come up with. I think I need some "me" time to sit where it's quiet and think. I wrote this post to keep you up to date and just let you know where I'm at, and that I haven't forgotten my blog! :)