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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Free Downloads To Promote? Or Not...

While the internet does have it's major disadvantages, it's been suggested to me from a couple of people, ways of counteracting the imbalance. The main suggestion regarding giving music away for free.

I'm not for that idea, like I said in my previous post, I think that music is worth something because the artist puts so much into creating and recording it. The suggestion that has been made: record one more track than what you need, don't include it on the album and give it away free. (Thanks to Danny and Richard - both had the same thoughts).

Now doesn't that make more sense?! And as suggested, you call it a 'b-side' demo. You are then a) giving away a track that isn't on the album anyway, it's a track that is created for the sole purpose of giving away; b) it's kind of like a taster for people then... they hear it and think "wow, if this is what is considered b-side then I gotta hear the album". People are going to want to hear more!

I think it's a great idea! And have decided that this is what will happen with the band that I manage. Their second album is due out at the end of the year - so one more song will be recorded for the sole purpose of giving away as a free download. It was also suggested to me that this particular song being given away be a cover song. It just so happens that this band do a killer version of "Somebody Told Me" (by the Killers). The boys aren't too keen on doing a cover, but we'll see what becomes. Either way, be it one of their own or a cover, the free download is sure to grab attention if it's quality material. And from a professional band, what more would you expect.


Danny said...

Sounds good, and glad to be of help! :)

If you are doing a cover version of a song, I'd make sure you stamp the band's identity all the way through it. After all, this is a "taster" of what the band is like, and if it is going to be a cover as opposed to an original, it needs to be one kick ass version!

I'd suggest getting a relatively obscure song to cover and making it their own - too well known a song may have a negative effect if fans of the original don't like it.

Or find a really good rock song and slow it down to an acoustic setting - Foo Fighters and Placebo have done this with their stuff and the results can be amazing.

Good luck!

Rokchic said...

Ahh yes, perfect advice! A reasonably obscure song versus a very well-known song.

It's a shame really, because the guys do a kick-ass version of the Killers song - they seem to give it life and balls! lol I'm not overly keen on the original - but I love how they cover it. Hence that suggestion came up.

Thanks for your thoughts - I might have to think more carefully about it.

Cheers Danny :)

ArthurReeder said...

Isn't this the whole point of the Single? You package a song off the album with good visuals (Traditionally on MTV but now more like YouTube) and you give that out as a taste?

Rokchic said...

Hey Arthur, actually, no - a single is different to what I'm talking about. A single would be a song that is ON the album, and SOLD individually to the album.

However, what I'm talking about is the suggestion of a song that didn't make the album (i.e a 'b-side') or created for the sole purpose of GIVING away (not selling), and let it run rampant.. whoever wants it, can have it.

The main point of it being to promote the band as a whole :)

So.. on top of that - you would still have 'singles' released off the album and sent to radio stations, available for individual download at the regular price etc.

Hope I have explained it a bit better :) Thanks for reading and commenting.