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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Your Personality Type

Today is the day I have finally set some serious time aside to work on the marketing plan. I have so many idea's and things that I have started, but not carried on, because I get another great idea and start working on that... therefore, I end up with a lot of great idea's but none of them seem to end up getting finished!

It's actually part of my personality type apparently, if you know anything about them, I am an ENFP. Check out what your personality type is by clicking here. It's a great way to discover and understand different aspects of your personality and it may help you organise yourself a little better like it has for me.

Carl Jung's theory of psychological types says each person is "wired" with different tendencies and preferences. Some of us are extraverted while others are introverted, some are "thinkers" while others are "feelers", and so on. When reading about your personality type, it's like reading a biography of yourself.

I think being aware of your personality type is a big help when you're working on projects as it will help you to recognise what motivates you. So I think it's definitely something worth checking out.