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Friday, June 20, 2008

Next Step: Funding

I must admit, here in New Zealand, we are pretty lucky. I'm not sure if other countries have anything similar (would love to hear if you do). We have this government department in New Zealand called 'New Zealand On Air' (NZOA) where musicians and bands can apply for funding for creating music videos (and other things including new recordings, albums etc). The whole point is to fund music videos for broadcast on music television shows and music television channels and in turn increase the number of local songs played on commercial radio. So to be eligible for Music Video Funding, the submitted song must exhibit potential for radio and television airplay.

Up until now, whenever we applied to NZOA for funding, we always got turned down - saying the music wasn't "commercial enough". Well, after the 'showcase' for 'Charlie' a month ago, Charlie told me that we should find it easier to get funding now. Apparently he had a word with the top guy there who was very impressed with what he had to say and also with the amount of views the band have received on YouTube.

So now, applications for funding for a music video close in about 2 weeks time, so I will be getting that off first thing Monday morning - will let you know how we get on with that!


Danny said...

Excellent news on the funding (fingers crossed!!). It's nice to know that you guys made enough of an impression on Charlie that he's recommending you guys for funding - well done, shows you're on the right path!

There are similar funding options in Canada (one of the things I love about the country!). SOCAN are really good, as are Canada Art (funding for indie artists, musicians and more).

Congrats again - keep us posted!